Recently, I invited some of my friends to go with me to a trampoline park that was indoors and had air conditioning.

We greatly enjoyed ourselves as we jumped, flipped, and even worked out. The nice thing is that it didn’t over heat because of the air conditioning! The first hour was nice as well as cool but after a little while the cool air stopped coming from the air conditioner and we were pretty let down. It was so warm in there that we all started to wonder if they had turned the furnace on. My friends and I walked up to the front desk to ask if there was a reason for the air conditioner being off. The worker gestured over to the cafe space where there were multiple elderly ladies smiling and enjoying cups of tea. The worker said the ladies were not happy that the air conditioning was making it too chilly in the building and they requested that the oil furnace be turned on. I was shaken, why were old ladies who weren’t even using the trampolines asking to turn the oil furnace on? Not to mention it ruined the fun for the rest of us. My friends and I attempted to jump some more, but without the air conditioning it was just too muggy. Together we finally decided to go to the elderly ladies and kindly ask if it would bother them to turn the air conditioners back on.They had the idea that maybe the manager would allow them to have the oil furnace on on their side of the building as well as the air conditioning on the trampolines. So the ladies, my friends and I all went to the manager to ask if he would be willing to have both the air conditioning as well as the oil furnace on simultaneously. It took some compelling and maybe even begging before he finally said yes. The rest of that afternoon my friends and I as well as the elderly ladies enjoyed the rest of our evening in the trampoline park.

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