Yesterday me and my siblings went to an indoor trampoline park! It was a blast jumping, flipping, and getting superb exercise while still having fun and not being sweaty thanks to the cool air.

  • The first hour there we were nice and cool, however, after a little while my siblings began to complain that they were not feeling the air conditioning anymore.

We were upset that our fun was being cut short due to the heat. It was so humid there that I thought the furnace must be on. My siblings and I went to the help desk to ask if there was a reason the air conditioner wasn’t on. The employee pointed over to the cafe nook where there were many elderly men sipping coffee and watching golf. The employee said the men had complained to the manager that the air conditioner was making it too cold for them and they insisted the gas furnace be turned on. I was very unhappy. Why were old men, who couldn’t even use the trampolines if they wanted, asking to turn the gas furnace on and taking away the fun for me and my siblings. We tried desperately to jump some more, but unfortunately without the air conditioner it was just too hot. I, being the oldest, finally decided to go to the elderly men to ask them if it was all right that I request the air conditioner be turned back on for us. The elderly men came up with a plan. They told us that maybe the supervisor would allow them to have the gas furnace on their side of the building and the air conditioner on the trampoline section. Together, me, my siblings, and the men went to the supervisor and asked if he would be able to have both the air conditioner and the gas furnace on together but on different sides of the building. It took some convincing before he finally consented to us. The rest of that day we enjoyed jumping on the trampolines in the cooling air of the air conditioners.

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