Today me and my friends went to a trampoline park that was indoors.

We had a great time jumping, flipping, and getting fantastic exercise while still not super hot because of the air conditioner.

However, it was only cool for a little while before we stopped feeling the cool air of the air conditioner blowing on us. All of us were disappointed that the airtioner was no longer on and every one of us were getting sweaty. It was so hot in there that we began to wonder if they had turned the furnace on. All of us went to the front desk to ask if there was a reason the air conditioner was off. The worker pointed over to the cafe part where there were several elderly women sipping tea. The worker said the women had complained that the air conditioner was making it too cold plus they had recommended that the heating system be turned on. I was furious, why were outdated women, who weren’t even jumping on the trampolines, asking to turn the heating system on and ruining the excitement for the rest of us. All of us attempted to jump some more, but without the air conditioner it was too humid and sticky. So we eventually decided to go to the elderly women and ask them if it was all right to turn the air conditioning back on. They told us that the manager would possibly allow them to have both on by having the heating system on on their side of the building plus the air conditioner running on the trampolines. Together we went to the manager and asked if she would be kind enough to have both the air conditioner plus the heating system on at once. It took some time to convince her but in the end she complied. The rest of that day we had fun trampolines while the elderly ladies enjoyed their tea.


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