This scenario involved a broken fan motor in the air handler.

I can’t seem to get any luck with my outdated appliances. The repair costs each year are starting to bog me down in my headspace. At one point I needed a new transmission for my clothes dryer. A different time I had to get the compressor swapped out on my refrigerator. Both of these occasions resulted in bills higher than I expected or planned for. Some would argue that I should have upgraded each appliance on the spot, although I wasn’t financially endowed enough to afford a solution similar to that. At the time I had a repair contract with a handyman for this exact reason plus situations whenever something in my house is in need of service or repair. I just wish that my handyman could fix and repair my a/c system. After my Heating, Ventilation & A/C worker had been over at my apartment more than threetimes in a third month time period, I was pondering if I had a lemon a/c system or an incompetent repairman. I looked out a fourth plus third opinion right before it broke down for the fourth time consecutively. This scenario involved a broken fan motor in the air handler. After needing expensive repairs for many times in such a short time span, I thought that next time I would need to get a new proposal entirely. I just wish I had recently purchased a new proposal after the fourth time it broke down, I entirely could have covered half of the cost of a new proposal with just the repair bills for the current one. If I’m going to buy a new proposal in a few months, I suppose that I want one with the highest SEER that I can ever afford.


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