I loved climbing of all sorts, whether it be my own house or one of the trees, if I could climb it, I would.

I had always been intimidated by the large oak tree in my yard, but around the time I turned 13, I decided enough was enough, and I would climb the tree.

After leaving my wonderful air conditioning home, I put on my shoes and looked up at the towering tree above me, and I started to climb. The lower parts were easy enough, and it didn’t start getting hard so I was closer to the top. I eventually sat at the top and admired the view and felt the cooling breeze. The cooling breeze felt a lot like the A/C, and reminded me of hot summer days in front of the A/C machine. Soon, the wind began to pick up and I could tell a storm was heading my way, which spelled danger. I started attempting to climb down, but I forgot which branches I used to safely climb up. I saw one branch which looked safe, and I put my weight on it. With a loud snap, it gave way and I went tumbling down. I hit several branches on the way down and everything went black as I hit the ground. I woke up to being in an ambulance. I was rushed to the hospital to get stitches in the back of my head, thanks to a huge gash from a branch. The hospital was freezing cold from the overuse of their HVAC system. The doctor told me to never climb that tree again. I took his words with a grain of salt and already planned to climb the tree again.

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