As an interior designer, I have a great deal of customers who try to define “their” style in their dwelling.

  • While designing your home, you must take into account that there are a variety of weird styles based on your dwelling’s size and structure as well as your personal taste.

I can’t turn your cozy dwelling into a Mediterranean manor- for example- but we can provide that cozy dwelling some classic touches. One thing many people fail to understand is that when you sell a dwelling, it’s not about “your” style anymore. One of the most sizable mistakes I see with people listing their dwelling is that they believe their style is the most charming or best style. Now, I’m not recommending that when you list your dwelling you go out and redecorate it altogether. Instead, I recommend looking into custom furniture that you can rent to show the dwelling. Custom furniture can easily turn that dwelling into a fast-seller, and it doesn’t need to cost you a huge amount of money. I have a bunch of customers speak to me about which custom furniture pieces I should use to show the dwelling and the first thing I do is tell them to entirely forget their own style. You really must quit thinking of the dwelling as your “home” and start thinking of it as a model for people to see. Which custom furniture compliments it the best? This isn’t about comfort or personal preference. This is about me showing the client which custom furniture and design the dwelling looks best in. I’m not saying that your style is entirely ugly or not right, I’m saying it’s yours. Going with custom furniture to show a dwelling isn’t about showing the customer yourself, it’s about showing the customer your dwelling.

Cozy dollhouse

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