I’m always looking for ways to improve the curb appeal of my home.

I’ve spent a lot of time and money beautifying the lawns, gardens, walkways, driveway and patio.

I’ve planted trees and shrubs, purchased expensive flower pots, replaced the garage doors and updated the mailbox. Just recently, I decided to replace the windows and exterior doors. My home is well over a hundred years old and the windows and doors were still mostly original. They all showed signs of deterioration and certainly weren’t airtight. In the winter, cold drafts always came in around the edges. In the summer, we had issues with bugs getting inside. Many of the windows were difficult or impossible to open and the screens were in terrible shape. I switched the old wooden windows with thermal pane, Energy Star rated vinyl windows and chose insulated, fiberglass doors. I handled the installation process myself and made sure to carefully insulate, caulk and weatherstrip to optimize efficiency. While these updates really improved the look of my home, they also significantly reduced my heating and cooling costs. Far less heated and cooled air is now able to escape from gaps in the thermal envelope. I’ve eliminated hot and cold spots in the various rooms and the whole house is far more comfortable. Plus, the furnace and air conditioner no longer need to run as long or work as hard. There’s less impact on the environment, and the heating and cooling equipment should last longer and operate more reliably. This latest project was extremely worthwhile and will quickly pay for itself.


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