I think we are all getting a big dose of perspective right now.

The pandemic has forced some change in order for us to get through it with the least amount of carnage possible. Some of us are rolling with it and some of us aren’t. I don’t think denial is ever productive so, I am keeping to the HVAC comfort of my home. This situation has been a great opportunity to see how soft I actually am. There are plenty of things that I can and will do without. Almost all of those things have to do with comfort, entertainment or necessary distraction. What I really need in my life, I have. Do I like staying home in the HVAC? Not too much because I would rather go back to the life that I had prior to all of this. However, that simply isn’t the case and I realize the some protracted inconvenience is what has to happen to protect myself and other. I have food and enjoy the comforts of my home. Going outside to enjoy nature has become a much bigger priority. The only thing that I don’t think I could do would be go through the summer without any sort of HVAC. I know this because the HVAC went down a week ago and I had to wait about 3 days before it could be repaired. That was a long 3 days. No matter how many fans I had pointed on me, it was hot & humid in the house. I know I can make it through until a vaccine is discovered. But, I sure don’t want to have to go without the HVAC while I responsibly wait it out.



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