There seemed to be a loose part, and when I poked at it, it felt off

From a young age, I watched my father, a HVAC professional, work away on different parts of our heating and cooling system. It was pretty interesting watching him take off different parts of the cooling machine, and fiddle with the insides of it. He noticed my curiosity and when I was older, showed me how to do a basic repair, nothing complicated. Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit my father’s skill when it came to fixing things, and I kept messing things up and getting stuff wrong. My father stopped early before I accidentally broke something, and I was disappointed. I soon forgot about the a/c and heating incident, and I would just let my father work away when our HVAC system failed. Years later, when I had my own place, my own HVAC machine failed on me, and my bright self decided to attempt to fix it myself. I knew my father wouldn’t approve, as he only believed certified HVAC specialists should mess around with heating and cooling machines. I however, wanted to save money and looked up tutorials on air conditioning systems online. It looked fairly easy, until I was actually attempting to fix it myself. There seemed to be a loose part, and when I poked at it, it felt off. I started getting bad flashbacks at my failures of fixing my dad’s HVAC unit, so I decided to just leave it be and hope that I can call my HVAC father to come over and fix it for me. Otherwise, I would rather deal with the brutal heat and cold then spend money to get it fixed.

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