Keeping football team properly conditioned

I coach a well-regarded high school football team. While our school is especially small, our teams regularly win championships. My athletes win games because they are in peak physical condition. Getting the boys into their best physical shape takes hard work and non stop effort. We start our program in the pre-season as we gather the team together for training. […]

Weather always affects my work out

When I moved further south, I had to make some adjustments to my workout program. I was used to the cooler weather up north. I normally had to wait for the weather to heat up before I could get outside. The Winter temperatures and snow would often force me indoors for months at a time. With temperatures in the negative […]

Training dog to run with me

When I brought home a new puppy, I was excited to go running with her. Initially, the puppy was simply too young and little to handle it. She got tired right away. Once she got big and strong enough to run with me, she was terrible about the leash. She’d switch between pulling and becoming tangled up in my legs. […]

Can’t convince husband to workout

My husband Frank and I are the same age. We’ve been dating since high school. I’ve always considered health and fitness a big priority in my life. Along with keeping up with my children’s activities, working a full-time job and managing the household responsibilities, I’ve set aside time to workout every morning. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had to work […]