We all need upgrades

Along with that, I have a couple of steps that must be ascended plus descended at the front door; What is to stop myself and others from drawing from other people’s ADA compliant replaces plus putting in some ramps next to the stairs or simply replacing the steps along with a ramp? I found out through my brother who made […]

Uses it to pot farm

When I decided to get into weed farming I had a difficult time finding a location to grow my plants. I saw on my computer that I could get a grow site or grow box. Some people even use their basement or attic in a pinch. To grow weed the right way you need special lights, a watering system, Heating […]

Needed security for the snowbirds

My partner and I cut our time between our northern and southern home. After we retired from our jobs, my partner and I wanted to get away from the long winters of cold and snow in the north. We bought a little lake-front chalet far enough south that the temperature never drops below 40 degrees! From May until the end […]

Not safe after a robbery

I grew up in a small neighborhood where all of us knew all of the street people. No one ever talked about locking the doors to their houses, garages or trucks. There were no concerns over robbers. Now that I am a homeowner in this same town, things have significantly changed. There was a series of robberies where homes were […]