It is essential to disinfect the oil furnace heat exchanger since burnt oil leaves soot deposits that block heat emanating from the combustion chamber, and when soot insulates the sides of the heat exchanger, you get less heat in the home! To disinfect the oil furnace heat exchanger, you first have to switch off the power supply each time. This will protect you from electrocution plus accidental burns while in the cleaning process. To access the parts of the oil furnace that should be cleaned, you will use your screwdriver to remove the metal panel that covers the entire furnace. Expose the heat exchanger by removing the flue vent link plus covers; inspect the interior for any disfigure. Vacuum, brush, disinfect the soot plus debris plus then inspect again for disfigure; next, evaluate the amount of dirt on the filter. Replace your filter if it is extremely blocked; then get an updated filter at a local hardware store, and you can take your outdated filter to them so that they deliver the exact filter update. The next step is to loosen the screws plus bolts that link the fan unit to the furnace. Then remove all debris plus dirt using a vacuum cleaner, and use a brush to brush away stubborn dirt gently. Use the vacuum one more time to remove all the debris that has fallen from the surfaces! Don’t leave any dirt after cleaning the inside. Remember to disinfect the fan blades as they collect a lot of dirt plus debris. The fan blades should be brushed gently plus soaked in sizzling soapy water to loosen the dirt. Dry the blades with a rag plus ensure all corners plus edges are clean. You can now update the fan plus the oil filter; secure the fan in the locale with bolts plus screws, put the current or cleaned filter back into its site. Screw back the cover once all the pieces of equipment are in site! Finally, turn on the power source to see if the furnace is finally working properly.

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