Others slept to the beautiful sounds of the night and woke up to the chirping of birds.

Ours was the noise of a heating and air conditioning install.

In recent weeks, the noise had advanced from being annoying to aggravating. I had to find time in my crazy work schedule to be available during the local service provider’s working hours. The problem had gone on for too long. The problem would not have started in the first place had I stuck to the a/c care program. I could not even remember when the air conditioning install was last serviced. My bank account may have been smiling, but I did not have a social life, and now I could not manage a/c care due to lack of time. I had to do something quickly. I applied for two weeks’ leave to get my life and house in something that resembled some order. I made an appointment with an air conditioning expert, and we made arrangements for HVAC maintenance and the installation of an indoor air cleaning system. I had an air purifier, but I felt like I needed more to improve the air quality in the whole house. I had long forgotten that the ac filter required replacement, and the little or more about HVAC that I had learned, I had forgotten. I could not remember if I had ever called the HVAC technician for ductwork cleaning since I moved into that house. Two weeks was not enough to get my personal life in order, but at least I would make my home more comfortable and welcoming once more.

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