As mature as I may be, I am not beyond getting overly excited when I see someone I consider a celebrity, especially one that I like.

On this day, we got a call from a radio station following up on their a/c care program.

It was out of character since, with most clients, we were the ones who had to call them about their scheduled a/c care. When I checked our work calendar, their HVAC maintenance was a fortnight away, and I informed the caller. The caller said they wanted to include an indoor air cleaning system in their air conditioning install. The HVAC technician present when they had opted to buy an air purifier had suggested this, but at the time, they were not on board with the idea. I was the air conditioning expert sent to the building to determine what we needed for a successful installation. As a local service provider, we provide quality ac service. That is why we take due diligence very seriously because it is only then that we will be able to give the exact quotation and size of equipment required. When I got there, it was evident that the air quality was not at its best. The other thing was that ductwork cleaning was necessary, just as indicated in our work calendar. The new maintenance team knew more about HVAC than the previous one, which was good because they could give me the precise observation that would help determine other things. They had also kept up with replacing the ac filter. Before I left, my favorite radio presenter walked up to me, commended me on the excellent work we do for them, and asked for energy-saving help tips. To say I was over the moon would be an understatement.

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