I had decluttered and cleaned every surface of my house, and now I was staring at a full garage. Everything that I no longer used had not been used in a long time or that I did not need ending up in the garage. A friend suggested that I set up a garage sale, and maybe I could get enough money to install an indoor air cleaning system that I was always talking about to her. I was on board with the idea when she said she would help me. The sale was successful, and I raised more than I had anticipated. The things that were left, I gave them out to charity. The next thing I did was call the local service provider to set up an appointment. They have a track record for offering quality ac service, so I knew I would be in good hands. I explained to the HVAC technician that I may need to improve air quality in my home and what I had in mind. The air conditioning expert also added that I added it to the list since I could not remember the last time that there was ductwork cleaning. The professional also took me through their a/c care program and the various things they did during a/c care. I had an idea of what went on during HVAC maintenance, but as it turned out, there was more about HVAC that I did not know. I knew how and when to change an ac filter, but that was as far as my practical knowledge of an air conditioning install. The air purifier I had in my bedroom would move to my office at work.


Air conditioning filter

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