A reminder on the a/c care program popped up on my screen, and I couldn’t help but release a desperate laugh.

The other reminder was to purchase an air purifier that I had made a year ago.

I cannot believe that I have been in such a financial predicament for two years now. A/c care was the last thing on my mind. I had a pile of bills, and the money I had at hand was barely enough for supper. How had it gotten to this? I was living a moment at a time, not even a day at a time. The last time my air conditioning install received quality ac service was more than two years ago. The air conditioning expert had advised me to seek HVAC maintenance twice a year since my unit had seen better days and needed more TLC. How was I going to do that when I could barely pay the energy bill? I had learned more about HVAC because it was cheaper to fix minors myself. The other day I was at a friend’s house, and an HVAC technician came to do ductwork cleaning. When he asked when was the last time I had contacted the local service provider for such a service, I told him that I did not even think there was such a thing as ductwork. The air quality at his house was almost heavenly. He replaced the ac filter more frequently than anyone I knew, and he also had an indoor air cleaning system. He had no idea of the challenges I was facing since I hid them well. If he did, he would have stepped in and offered the financial help I needed, but I was too stubborn to let him.


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