To save money, I took on a lot when it came to being a first time homeowner.

But that’s the only way that I was going to be able to stop paying rent and take on a mortgage.

The more I saved for a home, the further out of reach the market got for me. I just didn’t want to face another Summer down here without good air conditioning. The HVAC equipment in my old apartment is older than I am and I’m thirty. Plus, I was just so tired of not building any equity. I just knew that I could get a place that was good structurally but needed real help otherwise and turn it into a home. It’s not like I need a ton of space. I just wanted my own place, with my own HVAC equipment and a place to grow a garden. I got that in this house. However, I took on the bulk of the renovation myself. It’s been a series of learning experiences and accepting lots of help from my friends. But when it came to the heating and cooling, I knew that I would turn to the HVAC professionals. But I also thought that all I needed was new HVAC equipment and I was good to go. That’s not how it turned out though. The HVAC contractor found that the existing ductwork just wouldn’t do at all. Adding new ductwork would just destroy my budget. Thankfully, there was the ductless heat pump option. That HVAC professional was quick to suggest a ductless multi-split heating and cooling system. Not only is this HVAC equipment awesome, I was able to come in under budget as well.



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