It was a real relief when I seen that the air quality forecast for my local city was going to be really nice next week! It is about time because we have been having some real horrid air quality the last few weeks which has been making me and others feel awful.

With this nice bout of good and even great air quality coming next week this is going to change things for a little while and make life so much easier to live.

I can not remember that last time we had real good air quality in the local area. It must have been a few months at least to where it has been as good as it is going to be next week. I am hoping that this good bout of air quality will continue to go on for more than just next week. It is starting to get hot here so I do not expect it to last for too long because of that factor. When it is hot the air quality is always horrible. But at least for the next week I can expect to have some really good or even great air quality. Air quality is something that I really live for. I need to have great air quality around me as much as I actually can. Because I have pretty bad allergies, when it is bad air quality I have some problems. Even with the portable air purification systems I have around my house, the air quality sometimes is so bad that they do not even help matters.

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