I sure don’t like shelling out my cash for stuff like oil changes any more than anyone else.

But maintenance and especially preventive maintenance is an important part of owning good stuff.

That goes for cars as well as for HVAC equipment. When I was younger, I had no money so I had to make do with whatever I had. I lived in apartments that had ancient heating and cooling equipment and zero space. I drove a beater car that didn’t even have air conditioning. And believe me not having air conditioning in your car down south can be brutal. It was so bad that if I was going anywhere I had to look nice. I took my clothes with me and changed inside the air conditioning of wherever I had to be. But those days are mercifully behind me and I’m enjoying working inside a nice office with zone controlled HVAC. And with that comes a good paycheck that I’m awfully grateful to collect every couple of weeks. But out of that paycheck comes money for things like HVAC maintenance. Actually, we belong to an HVAC service plan. This is a plan from the HVAC company that centers around seasonal HVAC maintenance. But there are other benefits and discounts as well. The nice thing is that I don’t have to be home or even remember when the HVAC maintenance appointment is supposed to happen. The HVAC company takes care of all of that now that they can access the HVAC equipment inside the garage. HVAC maintenance is simply a long term investment that makes sense. I’m thinking that I’ll get like 30 years out of my HVAC unit. It’s worth paying for HVAC maintenance.

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