Going through the local files

I have a disappointing habit of saving files I don’t need on our cellphones, downloading too multiple big files and as a result I end up going through a lot of our storage space. It doesn’t help that I rarely ever clear out any of these files. After getting the continuous reminder that once again, our cellphone was out of […]

Making a collage from photos

I needed to make an advertisement for a school project. I decided early on to make a collage, and started digging through some of our parent’s magazines. I found the perfect 1 which had a orange and white theme, and a bunch of machines on it, and these machines were a/cs and heating units. I decided since there was an […]

We are binge enjoying Disney movies.

When the Disney Channel was first introduced, I hastily bought a subscription. We don’t have any children at home, however my hubby & I both care about the entertainment that came from Disney. We grew up on the documentaries & movies that made Disney, Disney. It was almost 2 weeks since every one of us bought a subscription, & every […]