Better breathing through new air purifier

I don’t have a particularly challenging life. There is a large measure of perspective that filters my thinking, my word and my actions. It seems as though all the deprivation I went through during a really tough period of my life, made a huge difference. There is nothing like doing without and still finding joy, balance and achievement to keep […]

HVAC help in a time of trouble

If that climate control system goes down, it’s like the force shields in a spaceship going down, making you totally vulnerable. I know a lot of people who have been personally screwed over by this virus. It cost them their jobs, their livelihoods, and has thrown a wrench into our whole economy. I myself am working towards a paying career […]

Making a music video

I’m an indie music producer, and I do pretty well in my area. I’m not famous by any means, but in my state I am pretty well known. Part of my job as an indie music producer is creating music videos for the bands I produce. When I do this, I need to get a film camera rental. I do […]

I really want a gas furnace

I really want a gas furnace. I currently have an electric furnace, and I am not happy about it. When I bought this house, the type of furnace that was in my house was really not a huge issue. This was my first house, and I was honestly just happy that I was going to be able to purchase my […]

We switched to electric heating

We finally decided to purchase an electric furnace, and I am honestly not sure if we made the right decision. I have lived in this house for a long time, and during the entire time that I was living in this house, we had a gas furnace that always kept me warm. Everyone knows that gas furnaces are a lot […]

A bird crapped all over my new hat

I saw the bird sitting on top of the power, and I watched it fly overhead Last week, the boss handed out new hats to everyone at work. The company recently changed the logo for the heating and air conditioning division, and all of the shirts, hats, and truck logos are going to be changing in the upcoming days. They […]