Factory authorized repairs

Most people are familiar with warranties and how they work. When you purchase something you need to register it with the companies manufacturer along with your proof of purchase in order to qualify for future repairs. Failing to do this may cause problems. If you did not register and your equipment, such as your HVAC system breaks, you may find […]

Dancing the night away to warm up

Weddings are a blast, aren’t they? I love going to them and this year we have celebrated with six of our friends. I love seeing all the different venues, decorations, and of course, the bride. My favorite part of any of the celebrations has to be the dancing. I look forward to spending the day on the dance floor so […]

That in between time of year

It is that time of year where you wake up and you can feel the crispness of Fall approaching. I really like it because it means that sleeping with the windows open is awesome and I get to use my blankets on the bed again. It also reminds me that I need to start preparing for the cold weather of […]

Tricks of the trade

Whatever profession you are in, there are certain things that you learn over time that make your job easier. Even as a writer, I have found certain things that make my job a bit less frustrating. Not that writing is like that all the time, but when you are struggling to deliver something to your publisher on a deadline, you […]

Putting off repairs

As the Holidays approach, it seems like there are never enough funds available to get everything done. Presents to buy, family meals to prepare, and charitable organizations that all need help to provide for the less fortunate all seem to pull at our wallets. Now all of these are positive things and we don’t usually mind doing them so long […]

Best news ever

My tenant just called me to tell me that the furnace stopped working. This is the last phone call you want in the middle of the night when it is below zero outside. I crawled out of my warm bed, got dressed, and headed out to my truck. Even the vehicle didn’t want to go anywhere and took a couple […]

Trouble from the start.

The road to homeownership can be trying. Many times, when you purchase a home that was built years before, it comes with a personality of sorts of its own. There are normally some things that need to be fixed and some that need more attention than others. This was the case with my grandparents house. It was left to my […]