The HVAC tune-up went well

When I started hearing a strange noise coming from the air conditioner, I thought it might be time to tune up the entire HVAC unit. Normally, my wife and I have the HVAC unit serviced once a year. It was still 2 months until the time when we would regularly have the HVAC tune of appointment, but I thought it […]

I slept better with the AC running

Three weeks ago, my brother and I were in a really bad car accident. My brother pick me up from soccer practice and we headed back to the house. We were crossing an intersection when a truck drove through the red light and crashed into the side of our car. The police, fire truck, and ambulance arrived on scene to […]

Satisfied with window air conditioners

Living in the northeastern part of the country, I’ve never felt that central air conditioning was necessary. The local weather is cold and snowy for the majority of the year. I often find it necessary to start up the furnace in early September. It’s not unusual to rely on the heater until the end of April. Over the very long […]

Dehumidifier improves comfort and air quality

Living in the south, air conditioning is necessary but not enough. Although centralized cooling systems have significantly improved in design over the years, they can’t handle excess humidity. An air conditioner works by pulling heat out of the indoor air and using refrigerant to transport it outdoors. In the area where I live, the high humidity levels are a big […]