Talking about where we met

Sometimes my husband and I can get extremely mushy with each other. We absolutely love one another and it is difficult for us to keep our hands off of our partner. We are often the extremely affectionate couple in the room that makes everyone feel uncomfortable. As such, we like to play up our initial meeting story so people can […]

Travel with my dehumidifier

Some people think that I’m completely off my rocker when I show up to their house and start carting in my own indoor air quality control equipment. I completely understand that I look like a whack job when I arrive with my own air purification system in tow. Most people do not worry about their indoor air quality to the […]

Not looking forward to going home

I’m sure everybody is familiar with the sensation of a vacation coming to a close. There is nothing quite as depressing as realizing that your relaxation period is almost over. Pretty soon you’re going to be headed back to the same droning experience of daily life. I absolutely hate this depressing sensation and I feel like it has the potential […]

Paying mom for HVAC privileges

I forgot to say, I always knew that my mom was a very challenging human being but I have seen her in a brand new light recently. Not only is my mom extremely challenging and riddled with anxiety, but she actually is a far more dangerous human being than I had realized. For most of my life I’ve known that […]