I slept better with the AC running

Three weeks ago, my brother and I were in a really bad car accident. My brother pick me up from soccer practice and we headed back to the house. We were crossing an intersection when a truck drove through the red light and crashed into the side of our car. The police, fire truck, and ambulance arrived on scene to […]

The HVAC tune-up went well

When I started hearing a strange noise coming from the air conditioner, I thought it might be time to tune up the entire HVAC unit. Normally, my wife and I have the HVAC unit serviced once a year. It was still 2 months until the time when we would regularly have the HVAC tune of appointment, but I thought it […]

Thinking of getting a new furnace

The top-of-the-line furnaces include zone control and wifi accessibility I’ve been looking into a new furnace for my home. Although I have a working heating system, the unit is extremely old. I’ve noticed a gradual decrease in performance. Every winter, it succumbs to more frequent repairs. The cost of service quickly adds up, and I worry about the eventuality of […]

Field trip with no air conditioning

When I agreed to chaperone my daughter’s fourth-grade field trip, I imagined walking around an air conditioned science museum. Since the trip was scheduled for the end of the school year, in mid June, when the outside temperature is typically hot and humid, I never considered an outdoor excursion. I’d already committed to the trip when I learned that we’d […]