Clean out your air ducts!

I read a report that somebody’s cabin caught fire because of a filthy dryer vent. Apparently, you’re supposed to have someone clean out the dryer vent hose every few years. I have lived in this house for eight years and had the same dryer for six, and never had my dryer vent hose cleaned. After deciding to do this, I […]

Keep your dryer vent clean

She said they were having a special where they scrub out your duct work, and then scrub out your dryer vent for free. I read a news article where somebody’s house caught on fire because they didn’t keep their dryer vent clean! Apparently, you’re supposed to have your dryer vent hose cleaned every few years. I have lived here for […]

I had no idea those things needed cleaning

I wonder what else I’ve been neglecting to take care of? Anyway, I called back the heating and air conditioning representative lady and had her go ahead and schedule me for ductwork cleaning as well as the dryer vent cleaning I read a news article where somebody’s house caught on fire because they didn’t keep their dryer vent clean. Apparently […]

Running app motivates improvement

I like to run for exercise. I usually run for at least three miles and have a regular route I follow. When I turn out of my driveway, I don’t have a lot of choices for where to run. Because I’m always following the same path, the workout can become stale and boring. After a while, I have trouble motivating […]

Going on a run with the dog

I recently babysat my daughter’s dog while she went on her honeymoon for ten days. The dog is a 60 pound, two-year-old airedale terrier. She has an incredible amount of energy. She would prefer to be played with every minute. She wants to play fetch, tug-of-war and just have me chase her around the living room. My daughter regularly takes […]

Injuring my psoas muscle is extremely painful

I own and run a gymnastic gym where I teach kids between the ages of four and eighteen. Along with verbally instructing, I provide hands-on spotting. It’s essential to physically assist the students as they learn and attempt new skills. My support provides them confidence, makes sure of proper positioning and helps to avoid injury. At five-feet three-inches tall, I […]

I Saw An Ad For The Local HVAC Company

When you become an adult, you get bombarded with all kinds of advertisements. On a daily basis, I would say that I get at least twenty advertisements via mail or email and they range in topics from lifestyle, home improvement, food, and beauty. I normally delete all the junk right away because I don’t want it cluttering my mind and […]