The kids that I babysit are real monsters

The kids that I babysit are real monsters sometimes. They are constantly getting into trouble for one reason or another. Last week whenever I was over there on Monday night, the air conditioning wasn’t working correctly. I couldn’t figure out why the A/C system was running, but there was no cold air coming out of the air conditioning vent on […]

Why winter mornings can be tedious

If you’ve never lived far up north, then you probably don’t know this. Getting ready for work in the morning during the cold months in areas of the country that are notorious for snowfall and ice can be a real hassle. For me personally, for example, my central heating system doesn’t seem to extend to my bathroom very well. As […]

Mornings in the winter

In the winter time months of the year waking up to go to work is a big production you could say. Besides having to start up my portable space heater in the bathroom to be able to take a shower without freezing my tail off, I have to also go outside and start the car about 15 minutes before I […]

Listen to the advice of experts

If no one has ever told you before to listen to the advice of professionals when it comes to things that you are not as nearly as knowledgeable about, well then listen up. I have a good story as to why it’s far better to trust professional advice rather than your own intuition. The story concerns my HVAC system and […]