A forgotten air conditioning install

Others slept to the beautiful sounds of the night and woke up to the chirping of birds. Ours was the noise of a heating and air conditioning install. In recent weeks, the noise had advanced from being annoying to aggravating. I had to find time in my crazy work schedule to be available during the local service provider’s working hours. […]

Ductwork cleaning at Billy Jean's

She woke up in the morning swearing that she had heard something moving in the ducts in the dead of night. She was far from a liar, but the mere fact that she had a flair for the dramatics meant he might have been exaggerating the facts a little. As most people called her, Billie Jean was unfortunate enough to […]

A tribute to my old air conditioning install

It was one of those moments where I wished for a tailor-made a/c care program for my air conditioning install. Every a/c care I came across was cookie-cutter. Didn’t these local service providers not realize that some of our equipment was special. I had patched it up so much you would think I had salvaged it from a battlefield. Regular […]

The old and tired air conditioning install

The air conditioning install was almost as noisy as an old diesel generator; not even my prized a/c care methods were working. My husband kept saying that it coughed and puffed every time we started it before it could start running. It was doing very little to improve the air quality no matter how many times we replaced the ac […]