It’s not like we have all that many out of town visitors in our home.

We entertain a lot of friends from out of town for sure.

But, given where we live, most people who visit get their own accommodations. See, we are in an area that a lot of people come to enjoy for vacation. Tourism is a big deal around here. So, most of the people who visit are doing their own thing as well. This suits me just fine. A big reason that I had been wary to have visitors in the house is because the main guest room just gets very little HVAC exposure. Like I said this is a big tourist area that banks on sunshine and it gets hot here. The guest room has been a problem for us since the day we moved in. I have replaced the window and made sure that the house was completely sealed up. But, nothing works. I called the HVAC people right away thinking that the heat pump might not be working well or the wrong size. The heating & cooling technician did a thorough inspection and it wasn’t the heat pump. We have simply lived with the situation for almost 6 years. But, my mom had surgery and needed to stay with us for a few weeks to recover. I knew I couldn’t put her in that room with how hot it is. So, I started doing some investigating online as well as with the history of the house. It appears that a previous owner put up some extra interior walls and this has effected the HVAC airflow throughout the house. I fixed that by installing room to room ventilators that balanced the airflow. The guestroom is much cooler now.

AC filter

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