Embracing health and wellness

I am now focusing on my health and wellness I used to not understand terms such as a body wellness center. It sounded very pretentious for a name for a gym. I’ve since found I was totally wrong about my assumptions. My perspective has entirely changed since coming to understand what a body wellness center actually is. For years, I […]

Getting comfortable at the gym

I have seen progress and achieved some of my health and fitness goals. A couple of things that I have never felt all that comfortable with are now aspects I am embracing. This is due to the local fitness center. It was impossible to realize that something as straightforward as a gym membership could overcome lifelong challenges. It all began […]

Getting comfortable at the gym

Shortly after I graduated college and joined the workforce, I made the decision to improve my level of physical fitness. While I’d never been significantly overweight, I always struggled with a few extra pounds and had no muscle tone. I’ve never been particularly athletic, coordinated or flexible. I was never a member of any sports teams. I had no idea […]

Finding a way to workout when traveling

Because I travel a lot for my job, keeping up with my fitness regiment is often a challenge. If I’m fortunate, I get to stay in a nicer hotel with a workout center. Some of the hotel’s offer state-of-the-art fitness equipment. They include bathrooms, water coolers, sweat towels and a range of options from ellipticals to free weights. Others are […]

Workout app is beneficial

At least two or three times per week, I use an app on my iphone to guide my workout. The app was free with the purchase of some exercise gear. I bought a set of hand weights, jump rope, resistance bands and a yoga mat that are very good quality. The app incorporates all of the different accessories and provides […]

Running outside has some drawbacks

When the weather permits, I like to go for a run outside. It’s a great way to keep physically fit without needing a whole bunch of extra equipment. Unfortunately, in my local area, the weather is very unpredictable. We deal with a lot of temperature extremes and nasty weather conditioners. Our winter season tends to last for a minimum of […]

Teaching my son healthy habits

When my son was around twelve years old, he put on quite a bit of weight. After never needing to worry about anything he ate, he was suddenly chubby. I knew that his body was simply getting ready to grow and mature. However, that didn’t make him feel better or prevent him from getting picked on at school. Since fitness […]

Gymnastic style workout is demanding

My mom signed me up for gymnastic lessons when I was four-years-old, and I immediately loved it. I am naturally flexible and have great balance. I showed a natural aptitude for the sport. It wasn’t long before I was spending five days a week at the gym and competing for the team. We traveled all over the country for gymnastic’s […]