Yoga is my new love

There was a time where going to the gym was the very last thing that I wanted to do. It was always my plan to leave work dressed for the gym. That way I could hit the local gym on my way home before I could blow it off. However, I would always find any and every reason not to […]

Real value in fitness coach

It would be a shocking number to discover how many times I have joined a gym only to lose motivation and quit going. What’s worse is the amount of money I have poured into this hapless cycle. It happens to me after each new year comes around. I feel the urge to get serious about getting in shape and go […]

Flooding in workout area

One of the reasons we chose to buy our house was because of the full basement. My husband and I liked the bonus of added living space. We had big plans of utilizing this area as a playroom for the kids, work area for my husband and home gym for me. I was looking forward to setting up a dedicated […]

Deciding to set up a home gym

Since I was in middle school, I’ve made physical fitness a big part of my life. I gained weight during puberty and got determined to lose weight and get in better shape. Since then, I’ve made an effort to exercise every day. In my local area, inclement weather limits the opportunity for outdoor activities. When the temperature drops down to […]

Running app adds motivation

For my workout, I typically go for a run. If the weather is nasty, I use the treadmill indoors. I prefer to be outside where I can breathe fresh air, enjoy the sunshine and check out the scenery. I normally run four to six miles at least four days per week. Just last month, I was getting a little bored […]

Trying to workout during remodeling project

A few weeks ago, my husband and I started a large home renovation project. We’re completely remodeling the kitchen and dining room. Everything was terribly outdated and the rooms lacked proper insulation and wiring. The kitchen was in desperate need of new plumbing, windows and appliances. We’ve torn down the walls and ceilings to expose the studs. We’re in the […]

The hotel room with poor air quality

I work in a hotel reception as a customer service attendant. One of my job descriptions is to ensure that the rooms have a functioning air conditioner system. We have an in-house cooling and heating provider who has been working for us for the last year. He has been in the cooling industry for ten years. Recently, an air conditioner […]

I helped my friend get a new HVAC

Getting a reliable new contractor in the city is quite a challenge. Sometimes you need a referral from a friend who has had a good experience with the air conditioning business to give a referral. That was the case with my friend as she was buying a new HVAC. She called me to inquire where I had purchased my HVAC. […]