My dad is going to be moving in with us this summer and I have to say that I’m a little bit nervous about the fact that he loves his air conditioning so much.

We don’t usually use the air conditioning very much and so the fact that he uses the A/C all the time makes me concerned that he is not going to like living here. My dad has always been one of those guys who is very hot natured. Whenever anyone else is just completely comfortable or even a little bit cold, my dad is always complaining about the fact that he thinks that the temperature is too hot. That’s why I’m concerned about him moving in here with us. I think that he is probably going to start telling us that we need to turn that air conditioning down all the time, and we are all a bunch of freeze babies who live here. The air conditioning bills that we have to pay here in the summer are basically non-existent at this point because we barely ever use the central air conditioning system. I know that over at my dad’s house, his cooling bill during the summer is always sky high. I just don’t want to have to deal with that here at our house. I am beginning to think that the best thing to do would probably be to install his own ductless mini split cooling system in his part of the house. That way, he could keep the temperature settings just as cold as he wants and nobody else will be too cold.



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