Life has honestly dealt Yusuf and Ted some heavy blows lately, and they are learning to be patient with them all for the most part. They look at some of their married friends and feel left out of the loop as they have no youngsters and no fiance. Their lives are filled with all of this togetherness while most of their time is spent alone. But it won’t be like this forever and they need to learn to care about the peace and quiet more than they do. Sometimes Yusuf and Ted feel lonely but in reality they are just alone, and their HVAC workers coming home reminds them that they are honestly not all alone. They work three afternoons a week for the business in town and they all have a fantastic relationship, working together most of the time to solve issues in the house with things like broken water boilers and dirty floors. Last night, one of them accidentally shut the bathroom door and the cats relieved themselves in the dining room sink. The poor things couldn’t get to their bathroom because the HVAC worker shut the door to their litter box room, which is his bathroom. They were trying to be polite though and went in the sink because it kind of resembles a litter box. They adore to hang out on the whole house air purifier most of the time, unless they are in their office sitting on their laps while Yusuf and Ted write their heating and cooling stories. Right now their little babies are nestled on their legs while they do this work.

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