The longer cooling cycles were ideal for the cooling unit to remove more moisture from the air

The house was complete, and we were getting ready to move in. I was pleased about the progress we were making in our lives thanks to the successful venture. The business was doing great, and our dream home looked perfect. Now all that was remaining was to set up the house systems and purchase appliances. One thing I was adamant about was getting a quality HVAC system. We called an AC professional to the house to help us with duct installation and know the right AC size to buy. The HVAC expert was qualified and knew lots of information about air conditioning. I asked him several questions, and he suggested we work with an HVAC unit with dual-stage compressors. There were four reasons for this. First, dual-stage compressors made the AC system energy-efficient. While operating at a low level, the HVAC unit would use less electricity. Second, the outdoor HVAC was better during summer because we would benefit from longer cooling cycles. This would make it easier to cool the house gradually instead of sending cold air blasts into the house. Third, the quality HVAC would experience fewer temperature swings meaning we’d enjoy constant cool air or heat depending on our needs. Fourth, the air conditioner with a dual-stage compressor was more effective as a dehumidifier for the house during summer. The longer cooling cycles were ideal for the cooling unit to remove more moisture from the air. That was the best information I’d ever received from an expert, and we opted to hire the AC company for the job. The team of HVAC experts began work as we waited. We knew the job would take time, but we couldn’t wait to test out the quality AC unit and experience the benefits for ourselves.


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