Of all the things that could bring conflict in a relationship, I never imagined cats would be among them.

I have two cats, Ozzy and Lila.

When my girlfriend moved in the first night, she barely slept because she sneezed almost the whole time. She had always insisted that she was allergic to cats, and I just thought it was an excuse to avoid coming to my place. The next day my first stop was at the local service provider to get an air purifier and a dose of antihistamines for her. That whole week was a nightmare mainly for her, from her allergies to how Lila acted around her. I even replaced the air conditioning install ac filter and called the HVAC technician for ductwork cleaning. I was at a loss since the cats had been with me for six years, but I loved my girlfriend, and it hurt that she was suffering. She was putting on a brave face, but I knew it took a lot for her to hold it together. By the time the month was ending, she had had enough. She told me that she had had enough and would move out. I told her to give it one more month, and I, on the other hand, would contact an air conditioning expert to install an indoor air cleaning system to improve the air quality. Lila had also started warming up to her. After the installation and the HVAC maintenance, her allergies started improving. I learned so much more about HVAC and how it enhances indoor comfort. Quality ac service in its way had saved our relationship. I enrolled in an a/c care program because I could not imagine a relapse after all the problems we had faced. Were it not for a/c care; I would have had to give my cats away.

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