My brother is truly a wild spirit.

  • He knows we all think he is silly for doing this or that.

He could follow all the rules and be normal, but my brother finds it more fun to be silly now and then as long as it doesn’t hurt him or others. He did stand up comedy for 20 years and he knows you need to be a bit silly to do that. But now he’s toned it down a bit and switched to tunes. A lot of his music is pretty childish, but the local companies like to have him play in front or inside their sites because he draws in the crowds. Comedy has taught my brother to grab people’s attention and his guitarist is fantastic at keeping them there with his cool guitar riffs. Anyway, my brother’s tepid water heating system has a tiny leak and he needs to figure out how to stop it without having to drain the whole heating unit to do so. He feels he can turn off the water supply and repair the leak without draining all of the water from the tank. He will just loosen the fixture and put on some teflon tape. After that, he will tighten it up again and hopefully that will solve the leak once and for all. Then, he will have a water boiler that heats the water and doesn’t leak, which means that the house is totally back up to par once again without having to contact an HVAC professional to help him do the job. Life is good.

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