My dad was always fond of saying it’s not the heat that gets you.

It’s the humidity.

This was his explanation whenever some visiting guest was stroking out because my dad dragged them outside for something. These poor people only wanted to sit inside the central air conditioning of the house during the blazing mid afternoon. But dad, ever the native of the deep south always wanted to drag people around the property when it was just overwhelmingly hot. Even he would admit that being anywhere else but inside with the air conditioning on was stupid. Yet, he wasn’t wrong. But I think it’s more the combination of the high temperatures along with the high humidity that gets a person. I’ve been out west though and man, they say it’s a dry heat but I felt like I was in an oven at times. At least with the humidity comes plenty of green stuff. I love having trees and flowering bushes all around. But the heat pump helps me keep the green outdoors. The air conditioning process actually balances out the level of the humidity in the house. A heat pump actually moves heat energy out of the house. And with that heat energy goes a good bit of moisture. And then the cooling air that comes in behind all that actually helps dry out the air even more. That means I have a lot less mold and mildew to get rid of in my house. There’s not a day past the middle of May that the air conditioning isn’t on at some point. And I love feeling that crisp, cool and much drier air inside my home.


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