It’s Monday day and Greg is going to ride down to the sea to check out what is happening on his little Fragata beach. If you Google it you can see where he lives, as Greg is just about a mile from this famous little beach near the large church by the sea. Take a look at the church and you can see where he plays a lot of his tunes. Greg likes playing there because it gets lots of foot traffic and ends up making a fantastic chunk of money doing so. The Heating & A/C system is located just outside the church and he usually plays there because the sunshine is less intense and he isn’t heating up too much when he plays. Greg feels the church was built in the 1690’s, and it is honestly a cool little church. It being located right beside the sea makes it even that more epic. The Heating & A/C unit for the church is large, as it has honestly high ceilings and needs a large a/c to keep it cool during the masses. He’s been living in this town for a little over five years when he moved here to get away from the silly town located about 50 minutes south by train. He was working for a HVAC business in the large town BCN, but Greg got exhausted of the thieves and silly people there so he knew that this town was much more relaxed and better to live in, with the local business being cheaper and less crowded.

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