My family consistently thought of me as the hulk, & thought I was too clumsy to amount to anything.

My sibling once told me I was too ugly to ever find a girl, & I should be hiding out under a bridge with the Billy Goat Gruffs! She was two years older than me, & I thought she loved me.

I took the abuse from almost everyone however her. I didn’t talk to her for quite sometime, until she apologized. When I was graduating from high university, I told my dad I wanted to be an Heating & A/C professional, She pointed out my size & how I could barely walk without tripping & told me I needed to choose something else to do. She told me to go a fast food store. I wanted to be an Heating & A/C professional, so I went to my guidance counselor. When I tripped walking into her office, she told me to put my glasses on. I never wore glasses, then that afternoon, she took me to the eye healthcare expert who worked for the university. She told me I could benefit a lot from glasses, because I had no depth perception. Three nights later I went dwelling with glasses, however no one observed. I signed up for Heating & A/C classes & told no one. It wasn’t until I graduated with honors & had my Heating & A/C certification that I even brought up the subject. My dad thought I was laboring at the local burger joint. No one wanted me to be an Heating & A/C professional, however I didn’t let anyone stop me from being an Heating & A/C professional.

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