We were freezing as soon as we were hit by the dehumidified air, and ran to the thermostat

Though I’m grateful that I don’t live in the deep south or experience the heat waves like they’ve been having in the southwest, I’m not thrilled with how hot and humid it gets in my region, either. Every summer crawls by lazily, as the temperatures soar near 100 degrees and the relative humidity hovers around 70-90%. It’s easy to predict that every day will be sweltering and take precautions such as dressing lightly and running your air conditioning during the day, but it’s hard to know when the weather is going to turn. Just when it seems like your home has the perfect air conditions for the blasting heat outside, there will be a major switch in the weather fronts, and suddenly it feels freezing cold indoors. For instance, it’s been extremely hot and muggy outdoors for weeks, so we’ve been continually running our AC to compensate. We can’t control the hot sun outdoors, but it’s nice to feel like you have cool, dry air indoors when you finally return home. However, just today the wind changed and a huge thunderstorm blew threw. Not only did we all get soaking wet in the freak storm, but returning home to the blasting AC was torture. We were freezing as soon as we were hit by the dehumidified air, and ran to the thermostat. It felt so wrong, but we turned off the AC unit and actually opened the windows for a little added heat and humidity. This region is unpredictable, there’s no way to win the war against the weather without a smarter thermostat.



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