I love my husband to death and I know I’m the luckiest woman in the world for being able to call him my own.

  • Any girl would be jealous of how well he treats me, and I have few complaints.

The one thing I can tell you is he has too many goddamn instruments, and that can drive me crazy at times. That’s why we’re trying to set up a special instrument studio for him in our new house, so he can keep his supplies neatly tucked away from the rest of our home. We’ve started by setting up a specially designed HVAC unit for him to create the perfect environment for his babies. First we called out the local heating and cooling specialist to examine our current HVAC set up and design a special add-on for his new space. We had them incorporate a special air conditioning unit which exclusively services his studio space, in order to provide enough AC for the room. They put in a special temperature control panel so that we can program the air conditioning separate from the rest of the house, and keep the studio at a precise temperature 24/7. We included several temperature monitoring devices all around the room to make sure the temp stays consistent in all corners, and so we can pick up on any minute fluctuations in the temperature over time. Now he’s constantly staring at his phone to watch for any deviations in the air quality, but his instruments are safe and sound, as well as neatly stored out of sight.

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